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Membership in Tripoli

Tripoli is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high-power rocketry.  Our members come from the United States and 22 countries across the globe.

Tripoli members are from all walks of life and all ages. We have college students, construction workers, medical staff, IT professionals, truck drivers, and anything else you can think of. There are even a few rocket scientists among us! So regardless of where you come from and what you do, there's room in Tripoli for you and your entire family.

If you are interested in high-power rocketry, we encourage you to contact your local member club (called a Prefecture) and attend their next launch or meeting. A listing of Prefectures and contact information is available here.

  • Tripoli is the premier high-power rocketry organization! If high-power flying is your primary interest, Tripoli is the organization you want.
  • Tripoli's annual launch, LDRS, is by far the best-attended high-power launch in the world! It's what you saw on the Discovery Channel!

  • Tripoli flyers are taken seriously by the commercial rocket community. TRA members were the first civilians to put a rocket into space (CSXT), and Tripoli members have assisted NASA on rocketry research projects.

  • Tripoli is an international organization with prefectures worldwide. At TRA launches in the US, you may meet some of our members from Canada, Australia, the U.K., Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and many more.

  • Tripoli has its own private members forums where you can ask rocket-related questions and get answers (sometimes too many answers!) without the spam and noise accompanying other forums.

  • Tripoli publishes four new HIgh Power Rocketry / Tripoli Report issues every year. This magazine is available to download for all current members of Tripoli. The journal features launch coverage, how-to articles, technical reports, hobby news, product reviews, and more!

  • Tripoli-sanctioned launches are insured for up to $3,000,000 with primary insurance coverage. That means that in the improbable event of an accident, TRA insurance kicks in first.

  • Tripoli is an organization where there is no "little guy". At TRA launches, you'll meet both novices and experienced rocketeers, all open and friendly to newcomers, all eager to share knowledge.

  • In Tripoli, you can advance into the exciting world of rocketry - designing, constructing, and flying your own rocket motors!

  • Tripoli is a group of serious rocketeers that is open to new generations and new members.

  • Last but not least, Tripoli launches are just plain FUN!!

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Photos Courtesy of Jim Wilkerson / Tahoma Photography 

Frequently Asked Questions

Active Members by Type
January 1, 2023

Who can become a Tripoli Member?

There are three primary types of Tripoli members: Junior (Aged under 18), Student (18 to 25 with valid student ID), and Senior (18 and over).

I've joined - Now what?

Senior Members: Once your membership application is received and fees are paid, Tripoli HQ will send your official membership card and materials via postal mail. Your receipt will include your new Member ID, can can be used at launches until your card arrives in the mail.

Student Members and Junior Members: Rather than waiting for something in the mail, you can download a digital copy of the member handbook, and a digital image of your member ID card which can be found on your Member Profile. 

When will my Tripoli online account be available?

New Junior and Senior members who enroll online are immediately active. Student members must submit a scanned copy of their student ID to Tripoli HQ to validate eligibility for student membership.  

Why is the Senior membership fee less after the first year?

The higher price for first-year Senior membership is due to the cost of producing and mailing your member handbook binder.  This binder contains reference material such as the by-laws, certification information, and your certification form.  You can also use the folder as your central storage point for recording your rocketry activities and instructions and notes, a handy place to keep your quick reference material. Junior and Student member fees are kept low by providing digital download copies of the member handbook and member ID card.

How do I renew my membership?

Online Renewal is possible 45 days prior to your expiration date. Renewal reminders are sent at 45, 30, and 5 days prior to expiration. Once in the renewal cycle, an option to renew will appear when you log in. 

Additionally, when you click on your profile, you will see the option to renew early, or as shown below.

Can my membership automatically renew?

Yes, this is available for Senior members paying with a credit card. Detailed information is available here: Automatic Renewal  

Can I renew for multiple years advance?

Yes, this is available for Senior members. Contact Tripoli HQ before renewing, and the multi-year dues will be added to your account. Your expiration date will be updated after you have paid.

Can I purchase a lifetime membership?

Tripoli's Life Memberships are granted to those who have served the membership and the organization.  They are not sold, but are awarded by our Lifetime Membership Committee. 

How old can you be to hold a Student membership?

Student members are aged between 18 and 25 years of age.  They must provide proof of their student status, such as a copy of their student ID.

Can I make a payment to Tripoli in my countries local currency?

All payments must be made in US dollars. With PayPal, click the transaction to convert to dollars.  When using a credit/debit card, the transaction is billed in US dollars, and your local bank will convert it to local currency..  For money orders, have them made out to Tripoli in US dollars.

Should I write my credit/debit card number messy or off-center on the form to protect the card number?

Please write legibly and in the correct location, not doing so may delay processing by a week to get corrected information.

If I join or renew online should I send in my renewal form?

No, your member information entered online works just fine.

Is Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc. a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit Corporation?

Yes. As such, any donations made to the National organization in the US are tax-deductible to the maximum extent of the law.

Can I become an instant member?

Yes by joining online at and paying via credit card or PayPal, your membership is active immediately. A digital image of your member ID card is available on your member profile.

Can I get an instant renewal?

Yes by renewing online and paying by credit card or PayPal your membership is active immediately.

What do I need as proof of my new membership or renewal using PayPal or credit card?

You will receive an email confirmation of your payment, which also includes your member ID.  A digital image of your member ID card is available on your member profile.

What happens to my credit/debit card number after it gets to HQ?

If sending in a paper application, after processing the card number the application form with the card number is blacked out by HQ and the forms are shredded at  theTripoli HQ location. There is no electronic or paper storage of sensitive card information anywhere within Tripoli.

if you pay online using a credit card, you have the option to save it for future transactions. This sensitive information is retained by our credit card processor, Stripe, not on Tripoli systems.

Can I obtain a replacement membership card?

A new card is issued with your annual membership renewal. If you are near your renewal date, you may choose to simply renew early to receive a new card at no additional cost. Doing do will not change your renewal date.   If you want want one sooner, there is a $5.00 fee to replace a membership card. Send an email to HQ with the subject line: Replacement Card.  An image of your current membership is also available online, on your member profile.


Tripoli  Rocketry Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 87, Bellevue, NE, 68005
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