News Update

Effective November 2019, the membership cost for a Junior (under 18 years of age) or a Student (18 - 24 with a valid student ID) has been reduced to $10 per year. The rate will be the same for both new members and renewing members. In order to join at this rate, new members will receive the contents of the members' documents (which have traditionally been shipped by HQ in a 3-ring binder) as a single Zip file which they can expand, print, and bind as they wish.

To Join or Renew your Tripoli membership, select the appropriate type of membership below.

Please Note: Due to the pandemic, it may take longer than usual to process your membership. We appreciate your patience.

New Senior Member   $70        
Renewal $60           

Student Member
New and Renewal

$10    Age 18-24
w/ student ID  
Junior Member
New and renewal
 $10    Age 17 and under