I am very pleased to announce a new motor certification for AeroTech Rocketry.


The AeroTech H283ST-15A Disposable motor system was tested on 29 November 2016 and is in compliance with NFPA 1125. The motor is certified until December 2020, for hobby rocketry use by the members of the Tripoli Rocketry Association and all approving organizations with reciprocal certifying agreements.

Motor Manufacturer

AeroTech (RCS)



Motor Designation


Samples per Second


TMT Metric Designation

H279 [203 H279-15A]

Burn Time

0.725 Sec

Metric Dimensions

38mm x 155mm

Total Impulse

202.8 N.s

Total Weight

247 Grams

Maximum Thrust

341.2 N.

Propellant Weight

97 Grams

Average Thrust

278.8 N

Certified Until
31 December 2020



This motor was tested at 5474 feet above sea level.  The unmodified delay elements fired at 13.63 and 14.19 seconds, the elements that were drilled to -4 seconds fired at 11.99 and 11.58 seconds, and those that were drilled to -8 seconds fired at 7.67 and 7.60 seconds. As a general rule, the higher the altitude (and the lower the atmospheric pressure), the slower the delay grains will burn. Your results may vary from these published results depending on the altitude of the field at which you plan to fly, and the altitude at which your rocket will have attained at the end of motor burnout.

Alan Whitmore
TMT Chair