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The Tripoli Rocketry Association is made up of "Prefectures." These are local groups geographically, that organizes meetings, events and launches for the benefits of their members and those from other prefectures.

A Prefecture is a self-governing group of rocketry enthusiasts in a specific area of the country. This may be a club, a society, or just a group. There must be at least three people to be designated a Prefecture. And the Prefecture shall support, by membership, and uphold, by actions, the goals and future of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. It's activities will not be controlled by the Association except in the compliance of the Association's Safety Code, Motor purchasing and handling, and compliance with governmental regulations involving unmanned non-professional rockets.

A Prefecture's name may be anything the members designate. The official name has "Tripoli" in it. For example: "Tripoli Nebraska" or "Tripoli Chicago" and represents the general geographic name for the area covered. A prefecture can also have a group name such as "L.I.A.R.S. - Long Island Advanced Rocketry Society" which is officially known as "Tripoli Long Island."

The head of a Prefecture is called a Prefect. This is usually the one responsible for the formation of the Prefecture. It could be the local President, or a designated member. The Prefect must be a responsible person, 21 or older, been a member of Tripoli Rocketry Association for  at least 1 current and continuous year, and Certified Level 2 or greater with the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.

The Prefects' duties will be to oversee the Prefectures’ compliance with the rules and regulations as required. They are authorized, as agents of the corporation, to certify Tripoli Rocketry Association members to level 1 and level 2 for the purchase and use of motors in the applicable power ranges. They are also responsible for keeping the Association posted as to their activities, both as a group and any individual advancement.

As everyone knows it is a lot more enjoyable to fly with a group of friends, than to Lone Ranger it on your own. Prefectures are a way to expand one's assets and abilities. Yes, we all have friends who can do things for each other, but with a unified group, it makes one's involvement with others more personal and satisfying. If you already have a group, or club, or wish to form one dedicated to Advanced Rocketry, contact Tripoli headquarters today. The Tripoli Rocketry Association will be happy to supply you with a list of Tripoli members in your area.