Current Committee Members

  • Bill Diesslin  - Chair
  • Ben Russell
  • Tony Alcocer
  • Becky Green
  • William Walby
  • Alan Whitmore
  • Pat Artis - Board Liaison

You can contact the committee here

Tripoli affiliated contests:
The Argonia Cup
Base 11
Battle of the Rockets
Collegiate Rocket Launch
Far Mars
First Nation's Launch
Rockets for schools 
Spaceport America Cup

NAR sponsored events that TRA members may also be involved:

Tripoli Outreach Committee

Mission: To promote the safe practices of the Tripoli Rocketry Association in educational related rocketry activities and competitions.

The scope of this committee includes creating and maintaining a skills database for mentors so that interested student teams can find a mentor close to them. In addition, this committee can network to find interested and willing prefectures as contest venues when needed.

Tripoli Safety Code

Tripoli has developed a series of safety codes and best practices to allow you to conduct your rocketry in a safe manner.  By conducting your rocketry activities in accordance with these, you will be maximize the safety and the success of your flights.

Marked up versions of 2017 HPR, Research Safety Codes and Safe Launch Practices, for those curious about what has changed.

NFPA 1127 is the foundation of the Tripoli High Power Safety Code.  All Prefects are provided a copy of NFPA 1127, and it is available to members for viewing on the NFPA website.  If individual members wishes to receive a copy of NFPA 1127, they may purchase a copy from the NFPA.