2020 Election Resources

2020 Candidates, Election, and Annual Meeting Information

The 2020 Call for Candidates has concluded.  Information about this year's candidates is available here, and online voting is available here for eligible voting members.

A note from Steve Shannon,

"Each year, members of the Tripoli Rocketry Association select one third of the Board of Directors.  Each year, only 16-18% of the members vote in the election, which means that less than one fifth of the members choose the people who make the decisions that affect all 4,800 of our members.  The decisions we make as directors can have far reaching effects on amateur rocketry for decades, so it’s extremely important that the voting membership pay attention during the annual election. Take the time to study each candidate’s statement and learn what each candidate wants to accomplish. I’ve never met a candidate that wasn’t sincere, but sincerity isn’t always enough; being a director requires a sacrifice of personal time. It also requires that personal feelings be set aside so that important subject can be discussed to a conclusion.  So, please read up on the candidates, challenge their viewpoints, and ask them direct questions regarding the aspects of rocketry that are most meaningful to you.  Also, please encourage other members to study the candidates and make an educated decision.  We can do better than 18%.

The election results are announced at the Tripoli Annual Meeting. Our Annual Meetings are typically a buffet dinner followed by a State of the Association report by the current President.  Other committee reports may also be presented. During the address any last-minute ballots are collected in envelopes which have the member’s information. The member’s voting eligibility is checked and then the envelopes are emptied and discarded and the ballots that were inside are stirred together to ensure vote anonymity. The tally of those votes are relayed to the Election Committee Chair who adds them to the tally of the electronic vote.

Because of the global Coronavirus pandemic, this year will be different.  There will be no physical Annual Meeting and therefore no opportunity to manually vote in person. Instead, the Annual Meeting will be held electronically using WebEx.  The time has not yet been set, but August 1 is the date the board has chosen to coincide with LDRS as required by the Bylaws.  I will deliver a very brief State of the Association using PowerPoint.  During this report, electronic ballots will be accepted.  At the end of the meeting, the election results will be announced by our Election Committee Chair. I will thank the outgoing directors and welcome the new directors and then ask for a motion and a second to adjourn the Annual Meeting. 

Immediately following the Annual Meeting, using the same WebEx session, a special meeting will be called to elect the officers for the next year. At this meeting, the newly elected directors will take their places. The directors will then elect the new officers to serve for the next year and then adjourn the special meeting. Afterward, the other directors and I will notify any candidates that were not in attendance of the outcome of the election.

Our online voting service makes voting very easy and secure.  There’s no good reason for voters to neglect this important aspect of our association."