2020 News

  • 2020 Candidates and Election News
    Published by Bill Riley  10 May, 2020

    Meet the candidates for this year's election, and a note from the TRA President, Steve Shannon

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  • Coronavirus Prevention Measures
    Published by Board of Directors  27 March, 2020

    The Tripoli board of directors voted today to extend the moratorium on Tripoli group activities and launches.

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  • Threshold for Class 2 rocket review increased
    Published by David Wilkins  20 February, 2020

    The Tripoli Board of Directors has approved a change in policy with respect to high altitude flights. Past policy has been that all FAA Class 2 flights of 50,000 feet AGL and above require a review by the Class 3 Review Committee (C3RC).

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  • Revised rules for wireless remote switches
    Published by David Wilkins  04 February, 2020

    The Tripoli Board of Directors has revised a decision which allowed the use of a wireless remote switch instead of a physical switch with staging devices or deployment controllers

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