Who can become a Tripoli Member?
There are classes of Tripoli member, Junior (Aged under 18), Student (18 to 25) and Senior (18 and over) members

I've joined - now what?

Once your application for membership is received, Tripoli HQ will send your official membership card and materials via postal mail.

When will my Tripoli online account be available?
New members are activated on the Tripoli.org website roughly once a month. Once added, members will receive an email with instructions for signing in. If you need information prior to this, please use the contact information shown on this page.

Why is the membership fee higher in the first year?
This is due to the cost or producing and posting out your members folder.  This contains reference material such as the by-laws, certification information and your certification form.  You can also use the folder as your central storage point for recording your rocketry activities, and instructions and notes, a handy place to keep your quick reference material.

How many years in advance can I renew?
Currently we accept advance renewals for two years.  Should you wish to do this please contact our HQ manager who will take care of this for you.

Can I purchase a life membership?
Life Memberships are granted to those who have served the membership, and the organization.  They are not sold, but awarded by our Lifetime Membership Committee.  You can find further details about it here.

How old can you be to hold a Student membership?
Student members are aged between 18 and 25 years of age.  They must also provide proof of their student status such as a copy of their student ID.

I have forgotten my Tripoli member number, do I need to get a new one?
No, Your original number is issued for life.  HQ can advise your number and you may use that to renew.

Can I make a payment to Tripoli in my countries local currency?
No, All payments must be made in US dollars, with PayPal click the transaction to convert to dollars.  When using a credit/debit card the the transaction is billed in US dollars and your local bank will convert it to local currency..  For money orders have them made out to Tripoli in US dollars.

Should I send my new membership or renewal form to both HQ in Omaha and Bruce Lee in Denver?

No, only one or the other, do not send to both and risk being double charged.

Should I write my credit/debit card number messy or off center on the form to protect the card number?
No, please write legibly and in the correct location, not doing so may delay processing by a week to get corrected information.

If I join or renewed via Paypal should I send in my form?
No, information entered online is sent to HQ.

I sent in a renewal (new membership) with a credit/debit card number, then I decided to do my renewal (new membership) via Paypal. Should I do anything else?
Yes, notify HQ immediately so we don’t process the renewal (new membership) twice.

Is Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc. a federally recognized 501 c 3 nonprofit Corporation?
Yes. As such any donations made to the National organization in the US are tax deductible to maximum extent of the law.

Can I become an instant member?

Yes by paying by Paypal with a credit or debit card account (Paypal linked to checking accounts are delayed up to 5 days and do not qualify for instant membership).

Can I get an instant renewal?
Yes by paying by Paypal with a credit or debit card account (Paypal linked to checking accounts are delayed up to 5 days and do not qualify for instant renewal).

What do I need as proof of my new membership or renewal using Paypal?
Print off your Paypal receipt showing payment to Tripoli Rocketry (email address daverose@tripoli.org), or an email from the Dave Rose saying your payment has been received.

If I become a new member using Paypal do I need a member number to participate in activities before my member card arrives?
No, your Paypal receipt or Dave Rose email is sufficient.

If I signed up with Paypal and marked “student” but my receipt shows “junior” is there a problem?
No, student and junior are the same costs and will show up as junior on the receipt, but the online form HQ gets will have “student” and no correction is required.

Is faxing a new membership or renewal with a credit/debit card to Tripoli safe?
Yes, it comes to a private residence.

What happens to my credit/debit card number after it gets to HQ?
After processing the card number the form with the card number is blacked out by HQ and the forms are shredded at Bruce Lee’s location. There is no electronic or paper storage of card numbers anywhere within Tripoli. Card numbers are never put in an electronic state so are not available by hacking.

Can I obtain a replacement membership card?
A new card is issued with your annual membership renewal. There is a $5.00 fee to replace a membership card. To order a replacement card, send payment via PayPal to daverose@tripoli.org, including your name and membership number.

If you are nearing your renewal date, you may choose to simply renew early to receive a new card at no additional cost. Doing so will not affect your subsequent annual renewal date.