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Membership Statistics
Current Members  = 5,572
Senior Members   = 4,037
Student Members = 1,351
Junior Members    = 184

All time members = 21,931
Tripoli is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high power rocketry.  Our members are drawn from the United States and 22 countries across the globe.

Tripoli members come from all walks of life and all ages. We have construction workers, medical staff, programmers, truck drivers, and anything else you can think of. There are even a few rocket scientists among us! Regardless of where you come from and what you do, there's room in Tripoli for not only you, but your entire family.

If you are interested in high power rocketry, we encourage you to contact your local member club (called a Prefecture) and attend their next launch or meeting. A listing of Prefectures and contact information is available here.

  1. Tripoli is the premier high-power rocketry organization! If high-power flying is your primary interest, Tripoli is the organization you want.
  2. Tripoli's annual launch, LDRS, is by far the best-attended high-power launch in the world! It's what you saw on the Discovery Channel!!
  3. Tripoli flyers are taken seriously by the commercial rocket community. TRA members were the first civilians to put a rocket into space (CSXT), and Tripoli members have been invited to assist NASA on rocketry research projects.
  4. Tripoli is an international organization, with prefectures worldwide. At TRA launches in the US, you may meet some of our members from Canada, Australia, the U.K., Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and many more.
  5. Tripoli has its own private, active forums so that members can ask rocket-related question and get answers (sometimes too many answers!), without the spam and noise that accompanies some other forums.
  6. Tripoli-sanctioned launches are insured for up to $3,000,000 with primary insurance coverage. That means that in the highly-unlikely event of an accident, TRA insurance kicks in first
  7. Tripoli is an organization where there is no "little guy". At TRA launches you'll meet both novices and experienced rocketeers, all open and friendly to newcomers, all eager to share knowledge.
  8. In Tripoli you can advance into the exciting world of rocketry — designing, constructing and flying your own rocket motors!
  9. Tripoli is a group of serious rocketeers that is open to new generations and new members.
  10. Last but not least, Tripoli launches are just plain FUN!!

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