Tripoli leadership consists of a board of nine Directors, with each director elected by the members for a term of three years.   Each year three Directors are elected, this allows the board to continue its work and permit progressive renewal of the board over a series of years.

Additionally to the Board there are a number of standing committees, these encompass a number of functions within Tripoli and all report back to the Board of Directors.  Each committee also has a Board member on the committee to act as a liaison between the Board and the day to day activities of the respective committee.

The current  Board of Directors and the elected officers of the corporation are;

Gerald Meux Jr, President
Re-Elected 2019
Gary Dickinson, Vice President
Elected 2018
Steve Shannon, Secretary
Re-Elected 2019
Dave Rose, Treasurer
Re-Elected, 2019
Deb Koloms
Re-Elected, 2018

Christopher Short
Elected, 2018

Gary Rosenfield
Re-Elected, 2020

Neal Baker
Elected, 2020

Bob Brown
Elected, 2020

To contact one of the directors simply click on their name or picture.