Tripoli leadership consists of a board of nine Directors, with each director elected by the members for a term of three years.   Each year three Directors are elected, this allows the board to continue its work and permit progressive renewal of the board over a series of years.

Additionally to the Board there are a number of standing committees, these encompass a number of functions within Tripoli and all report back to the Board of Directors.  Each committee also has a Board member on the committee to act as a liaison between the Board and the day to day activities of the respective committee.

The current  Board of Directors and the elected officers of the corporation are;

Debra Koloms, President
Re-Elected 2015
David Wilkins, Vice President
Re-Elected 2014
Stu Barrett, Secretary
Re-Elected 2014
Dave Rose, Treasurer
Elected, 2016
Dick Embry
Re-Elected, 2015

Gerald Meux Jr
Re-Elected, 2016

  Tom Blazanin   
Steve Shannon
Elected, 2016

Tom Blazanin
Elected, 2015

Burl Finkelstein
Elected, 2014

To contact one of the directors simply click on their name or picture.  Should you wish to send a message to all directors click here