For help with your membership, or accessing member resources

If you have issues or questions related to the Tripoli web site, please click here to request technical assistance.

For questions or assistance with your membership, click here to send a message to Tripoli HQ.

Note to New Members
After joining, your membership will be processed by Tripoli HQ and your membership package will be sent via US Mail.
New members are activated on the Tripoli website roughly once a month. Once added you will receive an email with instructions for signing in.

Logging on to the Tripoli Website
  • Members log in using their full 5 digit Tripoli membership number (including leading zeros, if any).
  • Click the box 'Remember Login' to simplify future visits when using the same device.
    • When logging in for the first time, use the Reset Password button on the Login page to establish a new password.  An e-mail with instructions will be sent to the membership e-mail address on file.
    • Passwords must contain a combination of alpha characters and numbers, must be at least 7 characters in length, and cannot be reused.
    • If you no longer have access to the e-mail address on your Tripoli membership record, please contact Tripoli HQ using the link above to have your e-mail address updated.
    • Important Note: If your account is locked after multiple failed attempts, you must wait at least 10 minutes before attempting to reset your password.
Using the Tripoli Member Forum
  • To receive e-mail messages of forum posts, check the box that reads, 'Click to subscribe to this forum'.   You can un-check the box at any time to un-subscribe to e-mail updates.

  • Additional information about using the forums can be found in the Helpdesk Forum.