• Tripoli Reports

    Tripoli Reports

    Looking to read the latest state of the organization, Board of Directors minutes and other items in interest to members.  We have online PDF copies of the Tripoli Report from 2004 - 2016

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  • Members Handbook

    Members Handbook

    Looking to replace or update sections in your handbook, all the content is here.

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  • Safety Code

    Tripoli's safety codes for commercial and research launches is here along with other useful safety code related information

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  • Rocket Wall Paper

    Desktop Wallpaper

    Selected images of memorable Tripoli members flights.  Images are sized for popular screen sizes so you can have your favorite flight on your computer desktop.

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  • TRATech 2021 Videos

    The sessions aimed to provide members with access to subject matter experts in areas that affect high power rocketry, and advanced subjects of interest to members.

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