2019 - Photo by Tom Binford

2018 - Photo by Pascal Reimel

2017 - Photo by Gerald Meux, Jr

2015 - 16 Photo by Bruce Lee

2014 - Celebrating 50 Years

2013 - Photos by Neil McGilvray

2012 - Photo by Moe Bertrand

2011 - Photo by Nadine Kinney

2009 - 2010 Photo by Nadine Kinney

2008 - Photo by Nadine Kinney

2007 - Photo by Nadine Kinney

2006 - Photo by Nadine Kinney

Historically, the photo on the Tripoli membership card has been selected by Tripoli HQ, based on submissions from a few specific photographers.

Have you ever taken a picture you thought would make a great photo for the card? Now's your opportunity to see that happen!

Going forward, every year we will allow each member to submit one photo as the proposed photograph for the next year's Tripoli membership card. Headquarters will then select 5 of the submissions to forward to the Tripoli Board, where the final selection will be made. The winning photograph will be used on Tripoli cards for the next year. The Tripoli website will be updated to include an image of the card, along with the name of the photographer.

Pretty cool, eh?

Now for the nitty gritty...

  1. Each Tripoli member may submit ONE photograph for consideration. The first photograph submitted will be the only one considered; subsequent submissions will be discarded.
  2. You must be a Tripoli member in good standing at the time you submit a photograph.
  3. Submissions will be accepted between September 1 and November 30 of each year.
  4. Headquarters will select the "top 5" photographs and forward them to the Board by early December.
  5. The Tripoli Board will make the selection of the winning photograph, which will be announced by December 20th.
  6. The winning photograph will be used for all non-custom Tripoli cards the following calendar year. The photographer's name will be announced, and photo credit given on the Tripoli website. No other compensation will be provided. 

Want a custom card that's unique to you?  HQ can print a Custom Membership Card just for you!

Some things to consider when submitting photographs...

  • Resolution matters. Please don't crop or otherwise edit the photograph before submitting it. Small images edited for display on web pages are not sufficient quality/resolution for use when printing cards. Cropped images can present problems in doing the card layout.
  • The Tripoli card is wider than it is tall. A good card photo's "main content" fits within this area. The odds of a photograph that's taller than it is wide being selected are low.
  • Don't forget there's text on the card, over the top of portions of the picture. If the image requires the entire content be visible to "make sense," it may not be an ideal candidate for the card.

How To Submit Your Photo

Send an email to cards@tripoli.org, with the photograph as an attachment. Be sure to include your full name and member number in the email. Only the first submission from any member will be accepted; all others will be discarded without review.