February 14, 2016

Tripoli Motor Testing is pleased to announce new motor/ motor system certifications for 2016.  Aerotech Rocketry has successfully certified two new reloads in an innovative packaging scheme as well as two new hardware capabilities for current reloads.
First up is the new reloads.  The H130W and I180W reloads are 38 MM case size offerings in the 240 and 360 Newton/Second case class motors.  The innovative part is these are the 38 mm Class 1.4c HPR reloads, which will allow high power users out there the access to mail able (USPS) shipped motors.  Both motors are of the “Lifesaver” grain design and their thrust curves are typical of that geometry, a max thrust straight to zero (at end of burntime) profile.   Their numbers are as follows:

H130W -14A
Case Class 38-240
Total Impulse 213.187 NS
Max Impulse 264.26 N
Average 129.04 N
Burntime 1.65
TMT Metric H129W (33% H)
I180W -14A
Case Class 38-360
Total Impulse 325.584 NS
Max Impulse 359.39 N
Average 180.08 N
Burntime 1.808
TMT Metric I180W (1% I)


75 MM Case Spacers
Next up is the 75 MM case spacer system.  External Grain replacement case spacers are certified for all 75 MM reloads with a minimum of one or maximum of two spacers allowed.  For those unfamiliar with case spacers, these are a specially made aluminum sleeve system, which also requires a thread less forward closure and knurled spacer closure ring. For example a 3840 case can be used to fly any of the 1280 and 2560 motors as well as it’s native reloads.
RMS/CTI Case Cross Certification
Finally, most all Aerotech 75 MM 2, 3 and 4 grain motors have been certified for use in the equivalent CTI 75-2g, 3g and 4g cases, WITH the following restrictions.  The supplemental instructions are required to be followed to the letter in regards to both seal placement and positioning of the nozzle bushing.  Also, as any Medusa nozzle reload will be recessed in said bushing, certain Medusa motors will not be compatible due to expansion restrictions.  All Single Throat motors (including single throat Medusa) should be good to go in that regards.  Contact Aerotech for specific details on both the instructions and specific motors not applicable to this certification (especially older, legacy reloads!).
Congrats to the Aerotech team on these successful certifications.
Paul Holmes
Chairman Tripoli Motor Testing