Who can administer the certification process?
Those Tripoli members who are Prefects and/or members of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) or a member of the Board of Directors can witness flights and administer examinations for the Level 1, Level 2 and Tripoli Mentoring Program certifications.

Only members of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) can approve Level 3 project proposals, witness construction progress and certification flights.

Can I get Level 1 certified if I am less than 18 years of age
No, per the rules of the Federal CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the Tripoli Bylaws.

Why hasn't my certification level updated on my profile?
Here is a reminder of how the certification process works. If you are not listed it is probably due to lack of proper documentation as listed below. For Level 2 certifications the most prevalent reason is that the test administrator has not submitted the examination to HQ. Also, only currently active members in Tripoli are listed. If your membership has lapsed, then you have one year to renew before your certification level expires. The member certification level pages are updated monthly and your new certification may have missed the cutoff for the update. Don't forget, your official member form with the signatures proves your current certification level. Dealers will accept Xerox copies of that form.

For a Level 1 certification to be entered into the Tripoli database, HQ must receive the form with a proper signature. Tripoli only recognizes current Prefect, TAP and Board of Directors signatures (manufacturers and dealers no longer qualify unless they are Prefect, TAP or on the Board and board members can only sign to the level that they have obtained). It is the responsibility of the *member* to send the form to HQ.

For a Level 2 certification to be entered into the Tripoli database, HQ must receive two things. (1) The examination answer sheet must be submitted by the person who administered the examination, not the person certifying. (2) The proper page from the certification form must be sent in by the member with signatures. If only one of these gets to HQ, the certification is not official until the other arrives. If there is a delay in listing you as Certified Level 2, you may want to check with the person who gave you the examination and make sure they sent it in.

For a Level 3 certification to be entered into the Tripoli database, HQ must receive the form with the TAP member's signatures. The member or certifying authority must submit the form with completed signatures. Only current TAP member's signatures are recognized. Only board members which are on the TAP committee can sign Level 3 certification attempts.

note: If you allow your TRA membership to expire, your certification will be reset to Level 0 one year after the expiry of your membership. When a members certification has reset, you will be required to re-fly/re-sit exams as any other member who wishes to obtain the certification level.

What do I need to do to get my NAR certification level transferred to Tripoli?

Send a copy of your NAR card showing current member status and NAR cert level. Mail a copy to HQ, or fax a copy to HQ, or scan and email a copy to HQ.