Rules for Mentors and Rules For Junior Flyers

Rules For Mentors
  1. Mentors must be Tripoli Senior members in good standing.
  2. The Mentor is the flyer-of-record on mentored flights and is fully responsible and liable for the flight as if it were his/her own. The Mentor must ensure that the flight card on a mentored flight reflects the Mentor’s status as flyer of record and includes the Mentor’s Tripoli number. Junior flyers may be listed on the flight card as the owner of the rocket.
  3. The Mentor is responsible for and will handle all aspects of the launch involving all materials which require high power certification.
  4. The Mentor must be present with the Junior flyers during the pre-flight safety inspection by the RSO. As the flyer-of-record, the Mentor is responsible for ensuring the rocket meets the criteria for passage of the pre-flight safety inspection.
  5. Mentored flights can be made only with motors that the Mentor is legally able to purchase and/or possess and that follow Tripoli safety codes.
  6. The Mentor is responsible for direct supervision of Junior flyers while at the pad and in the prep area. The Mentor is responsible for ensuring that Junior flyers are familiar with safe range practices and know how to conduct themselves in a safety conscious manner.

Rules For Junior Flyers

  1. Junior flyers must be Tripoli Junior members in good standing.
  2. Junior flyers must be at least 12 years old.
  3. To access restricted pad and prep areas, Junior flyers must complete Tripoli Mentoring Program Training and bring proof of program completion to the launch.
  4. The Junior flyer must be present at the pre-flight safety check to answer RSO questions about the rocket.
  5. Junior flyers are responsible for knowing the safety code and for following all range safety rules.