Certification Statistics
Level 0 = 1093
Level 1 = 996
Level 2 = 1601
Level 3 = 1132

TRA TMP Program
TMP  = 14
TMP-L1 = 25

Bulk Certified List

High Power Certification

Tripoli maintains a multi-level skill based certification program from Level 1, 2 and 3 certifications and the Tripoli Mentoring Program for junior members.

All certifications remain current while their membership dues are up to date.   If membership lapses for more than 12 months, the member's certification level is reset to L0 and the member must again perform the steps to re-certification as described below.

High Power Level 1
The Level 1 certification, is open to all  student and senior members 18 years and older.  The candidate needs to build, launch and successfully recover a rocket using a certified HPR motor in the H to I impulse range.

High Power Level 2
The Level 2 certification is open to all student and senior members who hold a current Level 1 certification.  The candidate needs to successfully pass the Level 2 written examination and then build, fly and recover successfully a rocket using a certified HPR motor in the J to L impulse range.

 Written Test – Only members already certified L1 may take the L2 written examination. The written examination for level 2 shall be passed PRIOR to a level 2 certification flight.

High Power Level 3
The Level 3 certification is open to all student and senior members who hold a current Level 2 certification, and allows members to fly High Power Rockets with a total installed impulse of greater than 5120 newton-seconds. 

Prerequisites for attempting Level 3 certification: 
  • The candidate must have successfully completed their Level 2 certification BEFORE they can commence their Level 3 certification process. 
  • The candidate will also need to demonstrate proficiency in flying Level 2 rockets with electronic recovery.
  • Prior to beginning construction of an L3 certification project, your project design must be approved by your TAP members. 
  • The candidate needs to successfully design, build, fly and recover a rocket using a certified HPR motor in the M-O impulse range.

Tripoli Mentoring Program
The Tripoli Mentoring Program (TMP) allows Tripoli Junior members to learn the skills of high power rocket construction and launching in an environment that is both safe and consistent with all high power rocketry safety codes and legal restrictions.  It is open to any Tripoli Junior member ages 12-17.

Reciprocity of Certification Levels
Tripoli has reciprocal agreements with other major rocketry organizations. As shown below, the certifications are closely aligned, with one minor difference for the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).


 L1  L1  L2  L1  L1
 L2  L2  L3  L2  L2
 L3  L3  L4  L3  L3

Note: CAR L1 allows for 'H' motors; CAR L2 allows for 'I' motors.

Tripoli members may submit copies of evidence of certification from other organizations to Tripoli HQ, requesting their Tripoli certification be updated accordingly.