The Class 3 Review Committee performs reviews of all Tripoli Member Class 3 flights to be submitted to the FAA  AST for approval, as well as all flights projected to an altitude of over 100,000', regardless of total impulse.

For 2020, the Board has asked the Committee to perform additional reviews of flights submitted, in an effort to improve the rate of successful, safe recovery of projects reviewed by the Committee. This has entailed developing a new, more detailed submission form, as well as identifying a small group of experienced fliers who will review every submission. Flights that this group does not feel are likely to properly deploy a safe recovery system will not be passed on to the analysis phase and will instead be declined, and the flier notified with the opportunity to rectify deficiencies. Failure to submit a fully documented  project as defined by the Class 3 Submission Form will also be rejected. It is incumbent upon the flier to provide all information requested on the form, as well as the required simulations and motor files.

Members are reminded that ALL Class 3 projects requiring review by the Class 3 Committee require dual fully redundant deployment electronics. Tilt inhibit is also mandatory for projects involving multiple stages. Projects that do not meet these requirements will not be reviewed by the Class 3 committee nor receive approval by the TRA BOD for flight.

Because the Committee may have questions based on the packet submitted, fliers are strongly encouraged to submit at least two weeks in advance of the 90 day deadline. Failure to provide time for questions to be addressed may result in denial of advancement to the analysis phase.

In addition, it is important to remember that a review by the Class 3 Review Committee does not grant permission, or approval for flight. The decision for whether or not the flight can be made is up to the RSO and Launch Director at the launch. Fliers are strong encouraged to contact the Launch Director in advance.

All flights reviewed by the C3RC require a follow-up notification to the Committee on the success/failure of the flight. Required data is whether or not the flight successfully recovered, and the altitude attained. In case of failure, please report the failure mode and any detail available as to the cause. Failure to provide a post-flight summary will result in the C3RC denying reviews for the flier for the next 3 years.

Current Committee Members
  • Kevin Trojanowski - Co-Chair
  • Greg Deputy - Co-Chair
  • Joe Bevier
  • Ken Overton
  • Chuck Rogers
  • James Donald
  • Bob Brown - BoD Liaison