Balls 28 Dates Announced

Tripoli Gerlach is pleased to announce that the world class Balls 28 event is scheduled for September 20, 21 & 22, 2019.

Having taken over responsibility from AHPRA beginning this year, some new rules will be in effect and existing rules will be enforced. Tripoli Gerlach will continue to uphold AHPRA’s tradition of excellent BALLS launches, and overall no substantial changes should be noticed.

Balls 28 is a venue for projects that should NOT be flown publicly due to safety and legal restrictions. This may include, but is not limited to, large rockets, complex staging or clustering, metal rockets, self-designed and/or fabricated rocket motors and new technologies being developed or proven. Black Rock Dry Lake has always been a special site for large rocket launches. Its wide open vastness is unprecedented for its high altitude recovery record. Through the years Balls has grown into non-professional rocketry's show place of the best in the sport. The quality, craftsmanship, sheer size, power, and technologies cannot be compared to any other launch anywhere. The best thing is the exchange of new thoughts and methods that are presented openly to anyone who asks.

This launch will be primarily for research motors and/or dangerous projects. Do NOT come to observe unless you are directly involved in flight activities, a pre-approved experimental project or invited by persons active in such ventures. Our insurance does NOT permit non Tripoli members to be present out on pad areas and away Cells. This will continue to be strictly enforced.

Full details can be found at the Balls 28 Website